FOSTORIA COIN CLUB PO Box 613 Fostoria Ohio 44830

September 2020 Newsletter


President – Gary Moran (614) 620-1264

Treas. Vincent Gaietto (419) 447-8861 Secretary- Aaron Rider (419) 721-2223

Sgt/Arms – Bruce Hanny (419) 898-0311 Auction – Joe Dohanos (419) 349-0927

The August meeting of the Fostoria Coin Club was called to order at 7:30pm by President Gary Moran with 17 members present.  President Moran led the membership with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Afterward he respectfully gave a “Play Ball” in honor of deceased Vice President Dennis Hall.  Vincent Gaietto the read the minutes of the July meeting and they stood approved.  Vincent then read the Treasurer’s report and it was also approved by the membership. Next meeting is on Monday, September 21 at 7:30 PM at the Trinity Chapel.


Old Business

1.           The 2020 hardcover Red Books are being sold by the club for $10.00 each.

Sick report

1.           Joe Dohanos reported that his wife and member, Francine Dohanos had been hospitalized. 

New Business

1.           The membership voted to send a $25.00 memorial to the Upper Room Church in Findlay in memory of Dennis Hall.  Individual members donated another $35.00 totaling $60.00. 

2.           Chuck Brandeberry volunteered to fill the Vice President vacancy until the end of 2020.

Coin Show Business

1.           It was decided that if our October 25th coin show is postponed or canceled, we will have the raffle prizes drawn at our November 2020 meeting.

2.           Safety at the show was discussed including posting signs requiring masks, temperature checks and hand sanitizer being available.

3.           Gary Moran will supply a wipe board to post prize winners names.

4.           Stacy’s Place will be contacted and asked to post on their billboard that the show requires masks, temperature checks and sign in with telephone numbers if required by the State of Ohio.

5.           We will discuss catering the show at out September meeting.

6.           A large number of tickets are still unsold.  Members were reminded to turn in their sold tickets and money at each monthly meeting if possible. 


Guest Steve Hurt spoke about recent ads appearing in area newspapers buying and selling silver at “rip off” prices.  10 -  ½  ounce silver bars were selling for 290.00 or about 58.00 an ounce.  Current silver prices are about 27.00 an ounce.  It was also mentioned that Buckeye Gold & silver in Columbus, Ohio is a dealer you “want to stay away from.”  Toledo Gold & Silver Exchange in Toledo, Ohio was deemed to be very reputable by several members who also reminded that it is a “Buyer Beware” society. 


-A motion was made by Roy Zinn and seconded by Chuck Brandeberry to adjourn.  Motion passed.

-The July door prizes were won by Vincent Gaietto, Phil Cole and Gary Moran.

-Joe Dohanos conducted a 22 lot auction.

Fostoria Coin Club Pre-listed auction. Monday, September 21, 2020.

Lot Date Item Grade Min Bid

1 1959-1975 100 Rolls of Uncirculated Copper Cents starts at $1.00/roll

2 2014PDS Native Am. Dollar-Native Hospitality (3 coin set) Proof $8.00

3 1980PDS SBA Dollars (3-coin set) $8.00

4 1980PDS SBA Dollars (3-coin set) $8.00

5 1979PDS SBA Dollars (3-coin set) $5.00

6 1979PDS SBA Dollars (3-coin set) $5.00

7 24 World Coins-24 different countries (Ebay retail = $47.50) $20.00

8 24 World Coins-24 different countries (Ebay retail =$58.50) $20.00

9 George Washington Collection ($1.00, 2 Quarters, 2 Stamps $15.00

10 1943 Steel Cents 5 Rolls (250 coins) Mixed Grades $18.00

11 'S' Wheat Cents 5 Rolls (250 coins) Mixed Dates and Grades $18.00

12 2009 LHC, 2-coin plastic sets(2), 4-coin sets(3), 1-coin pkg (2) MS-60 o.b. $1.50

13 2009P&D Lincoln Bi-C Bank Rolls (2) MS-63 $4.75

14 2009P&D Lincoln Bi-C Rolls (2) MS-62 $3.75

15 2010P & 2015P Shield Pennies Bank Rolls (2) MS-63 $3.25

16 1968S One roll of Lincoln Memorial Pennies MS-63 $1.75

17 1976D IKE $1, Var-1 (bold lettering on reverse) AU $2.00

18 1976P One roll of Bi-Cent IKE's BU+ $38.00

19 1987 1 oz Silver Eagle MS-65 o.b. Spot Price minus $1.00

20 1989 1 oz Silver Eagle MS-65 o.b. Spot Price minus $1.00

+ grades are mostly the opinion of the seller; be sure to look over the lots before the Auction.

This will probably be my last submission as the Club's Auctioneer. It has been an honor to have

served as your auctioneer for the last 4 years. Anyone interested in taking over this position should

make their wishes known at the next meeting. Thanks you everyone for your past support and God

bless you all -- Joe Dohanos.