FOSTORIA COIN CLUB PO Box 613 Fostoria Ohio 44830

February 2019 Newsletter


President – Gary Moran ( Vice President – Denny Hall (419) 435-8442

Treas. Vincent Gaietto (419) 447-8861 Secretary- Aaron Rider (419) 721-2223

Sgt/Arms – Bruce Hanny (419) 898-0311 Auction – Joe Dohanos (419) 349-0927

Meeting Information: The Fostoria Coin Club meets on the 3rd Monday of each month in the meeting room at The Good Shepard Home located at 725 Columbus Ave in Fostoria Ohio. Doors open at 6:30 pm & meeting begins at 7:30 pm.

Coming Events: Next meeting of FCC will be Monday, February 18th, at The Good Shepard Home.

January 21st, 2018

The January meeting of the Fostoria Coin Club was called to order at 7:30 pm by President Gary Moran with 18 members present. Gary led the membership with the Pledge of Allegiance. After the reading of December’s minutes and one correction, Gary declared them approved. Vincent Gaietto read the Treasurer’s report which was approved by the membership.

Old Business:

  1. Treasurer Gaietto is accepting dues for 2019. He has a “Member Information Sheet” that he is requesting each member fill out for current contact information. All members including Life Members should return this form ASAP to Vincent.

  2. January Minutes Correction: Chuck reminded the club that this is the last year he will be “Show Chairman” He indicated that it would be best if the new chairman was in place by end of January as this is when he reserves the hall (Stacey’s Place) for the following year. Chuck will help walk the new chairman through the simple steps. Please volunteer.

New Business:

  1. Club motioned that future Club Meetings will be cancelled in the event Seneca County is under a Level 2 Emergency, this motion was approved.

  2. Secretary was asked to provide list of lifetime members and to update contact information sheet.

  3. Roy Zinn Provided Secretary with what appears to be a “lifetime supply of stamps” for the mailed newsletters.

  4. Long time Charter member Mervin Rose of Port Clinton passed away January 17th at the age of 97.

Show Business:

  1. Chuck still has 4 open slots for volunteers to work the doors.

  2. Set up for show will be at 6:00 am on Sunday Morning of show.

  3. Gloria Wolf volunteered to replace Bruce Hanny and has been helping with publicity duties for the show.

  4. Club motioned that the 2020 show will be held on Sunday March 22nd, this motion was approved. Chuck will be paying dues to Stacy’s Place for that show at the end of this month.

The meeting was then adjourned. Door Prize Winners were Harry Cobin, Bruce Hanny, and Denny Hall. Joe Dohanos then conducted a 23 lot auction. Happy Belated Birthday Gloria Wolf!

February Birthdays! 19th Gary Moran 24th Wyatt Cobb 25th Garry Phelps 26th Phil Warrington

Fostoria Coin Club Pre-Listed Auction Monday, February 18

Lot           Date                                 Item                                  Grade                                Min Bid

1         1975S                           Lincoln Penny                                      Proof                                 $1.50

2         1969S, 70S, 71S          Jefferson Nickles (3 coins)                 Proof                                 $3.75

3         1975S                           Jefferson Nickle                                   Proof (toned)                   $1.25

4         1976S                           Jeff. Nickle, Rotatd Rev.- 13deg,ccw  Proof (frosted)             $2.50

5         1972S, 73S, 74S          Roosevelt Dimes (3 coins)                  Proof                                $2.75

6         1975S                           Roosevelt Dime                                   Proof                                 $1.25

7         1976S                           Roosevelt Dime                                   Proof (frosted)                 $1.50

8         1972S & 74S                Washington Qtrs. (2 coins)                 Proof                               $4.75

9         1968S                           Kennedy Half                                       Proof                                 $4.25

10       1974S                           Kennedy Half                                       Proof (frosted)                 $2.25

11       1976S                           Kennedy Half (Bi-Cent)                       Proof                                 $2.25

12       1967                             Kennedy Half                                       MS-62                                $2.25

13       1908D                          Barber Half                                              G                                     $9.75

14       1935P                          Wheat Penny                                        MS-60                               $1.25

15       1936S                          Wheat Penny                                          AU                                   $1.50

16       1937D                          Wheat Penny                                        MS-63 (toned)                $3.25

17       1937S                          Wheat Penny                                          AU                                   $1.50

18       1939S                          Wheat Penny                                          AU                                   $1.25

19       1940S                          Wheat Penny                                          AU                                   $1.00

20       1941S                          Wheat Penny                                        MS-60 (toned)                 $1.50

21       1943P                          War Wheat Penny                                MS-60                              $1.00

22       1943D                          War Wheat Penny                                MS-63                              $1.25

*Grades are mostly the opinion of the seller, look over the items before the Auction.

**Submit items (using the above format) to Joe Dohanos (Auctioneer) for inclusion in future auctions