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      Fostoria Ohio 44830


    July 2017 News Letter


FOSTORIA COIN CLUB OFFICERS 2017 President – Roy Zinn (419) 447-3974 Vice Pres – Denny Hall (419) 435-8442 Treas. Vincent Gaietto (419) 447-8861 Secretary- Ethan Everly (419) 619-9042 Sgt/Arms – Bruce Hanny (419) 898-0311 Auction – Joe Dohanos (419) 349-0927


Meeting Information: The Fostoria Coin Club meets on the 3 rd Monday of each month in the meeting room at The Good Shepard Home located at 725 Columbus Ave in Fostoria Ohio. Doors open at 6:30 pm & meeting begins at 7:30 pm.


Coming Events: Next meeting of FCC will be Monday July 17th in the meeting room at The Good Shepard Home.


June 19, 2017


The meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm by Vice President Denny Hall with 20 members present. Both secretary and treasurer’s reports were approved.


Old Business: Bob Smith from the ANA will be at our next meeting. We did a on site test of the Nic-A-Date Vincent Gaietto had brought in, we tried it on 5 dateless Buffalo nickels and afterward 4 of them showed legible dates on them. By-laws are available to anyone that wants a copy.


New Business: 2018 Redbooks are in and available for $10 each to club members at our meetings.


Show Business: None discussed. Points of Interest: None discussed Meeting was adjourned with motions by Phil Warrington and Francine Dohanos. Door prizes won by Wyatt Cobb and Bill Geckle. Joe Dohanos conducted a 20 lot auction.