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July 2019 Newsletter


President – Gary Moran (614) 620-1264 Vice President – Denny Hall (419) 435-8442

Treas. Vincent Gaietto (419) 447-8861 Secretary- Aaron Rider (419) 721-2223

Sgt/Arms – Bruce Hanny (419) 898-0311 Auction – Joe Dohanos (419) 349-0927

Meeting Information: The Fostoria Coin Club meets on the 3rd Monday of each month in the meeting room at The Good Shepard Home located at 725 Columbus Ave in Fostoria Ohio. Doors open at 6:30 pm & meeting begins at 7:30 pm.

Coming Events: Next meeting of FCC will be Monday, July 15th, at The Good Shepard Home.

June 17th, 2019

The June meeting of the Fostoria Coin Club was called to order at 7:30 pm by Vice President Denny Hall with 19 members and 1 guest present. Denny led the membership with the Pledge of Allegiance. After the reading of May minutes, Denny declared them approved. Vincent Gaietto read the Treasurer’s report which was approved by the membership.

Old Business: None Discussed

New Business:

  1. Chris Gwiner was voted in as the newest member of the club.

  2. Club discussed encouraging an interest in coin collecting to younger generations, possibly at schools or library.

  3. Club also discussed the importance of coin collector’s sense of security. Many collectors do not want their names and/or information shared with the general public.

Show Business:

  1. It was noted that Total Show advertising of $800, may not be high enough.

The meeting was then adjourned. Door Prize winners were Gloria, Denny, and Bill. Joe Dohanos conducted a 22 lot coin auction. July Birthdays: 3rd Roger Keefe 8th Ron Hemminger 21st James R. Smith

22nd Odessay Lundy

Fostoria Coin Club Pre-listed Auction.  Monday - July 15, 2019

Lot        Date                        Item                                       Grade                         Min Bid

1            1975S                    JeffersonNickel                   Proof                             $0.75

2            1975S       *       Roosevelt Dime                  Proof                           $0.75

3            1972S                      WashingtonQuarter            Proof                             $2.00

4            1974S                    Washington Quarter          Proof                             $2.00

5            1970PDS               Lincoln Memorial Pennies    MS 63                            $0.50

6            1942PS                 Jefferson War Nickels          F, VG                             $1.95

7            1944S                       Jefferson War Nickel         MS-65                          $12.50

8            2000P&D   (2) Rolls of New Hampshire State Qtrs      BU+        $21.75

9            2000P      Minnesota State Qtr with "Extra Tree"     MS-65                 $49.00

10          1951D     Franklin Half, Rotated Rev., 10deg CW      VF            $9.25

11          1952                        Franklin Half                         VF                                $6.50

12          1954                        Franklin Half                      VF                                $6.50

13          1964         KennedyHalf  BU        $5.50    14          1964D                      Kennedy Half                    BU                               $5.50

15          1965                         Kennedy Half                     MS-62 (frosted)           $2.25

16          1928                        Standing Liberty Qtr          VG                               $4.75

17          1941                         Geo VI Canadian Dime      AU                              $14.75

18          1949                         Geo VI Canadian Dime        AU                               $6.75

19          2001                     Eliz II Can. Dime, "Year of the Volunteer"  Proof      $7.75

20     1922, 27, 28, 30-36       (10) Canadian Nickels    VF-20 - EF-45                    $15.00

21          1871                   US $10 Liberty Hd Gold Coin, Variety 2      VF-25    $1400.00

*Grades are mostly the opinion of the seller, be sure to look over the coins before the Auction.

**Submit coins (using the above format) to Auctioneer Joe Dohanos for inclusion in future Auctions. 

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