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    July 2020 Newsletter 


President – Gary Moran (614) 620-1264                                                Vice President – Denny Hall (419) 435-8442                  

Treas. Vincent Gaietto (419) 447-8861                                                   Secretary- Aaron Rider (419) 721-2223 

Sgt/Arms – Bruce Hanny( 419) 898-0311                                                Auction – Joe Dohanos (419) 349-0927     

 June 15, 2020 

The June meeting of the Fostoria Coin Club was called to order at 7:30pm by President Gary Moran with 20 members present.  President Moran led the membership with the Pledge of Allegiance.  This was our first meeting since the COVID 19 virus restricted us from meeting for three months.  Vincent Gaietto then read the minutes of the March meeting and they stood approved.  Vincent then read the Treasurer’s report for the months of March, April and May and they were also approved by the membership. 

New Business  

1.  Robert Gaietto was voted in as our newest member. 

2.  Gary Moran passed around a 3 legged Buffalo Nickel he had acquired for inspection by the members. 

3.  A motion was made by Vincent Gaietto and seconded by Harry Colvin to have a budget not to exceed $800.00 for advertising expenses for the upcoming October coin show.  The motion                              passed. 

4.  Phil Cole announced that Cole’s Auction will have a coin auction on July 14th. 

5.   2020 hard cover Red Books are for sale to members for the discounted price of $11.00 each. 

6.   Roy Zinn brought in a number of Mexican coins and offered them for sale. 

7.   It was announced that members James Smith and John McConnell have passed away. 

Coin Show Business 

1.   Show Chairman Vincent Gaietto reported that the postponed March show has been rescheduled   for Sunday October 25, 2020 at Stacy’s Place in Fostoria. 

2.  Other than two volunteers for the registration table, all other positions remain filled.  These two vacancies were also filled. 

3.  It was again stressed that we need members to sell prize tickets in order to off-set the cost of putting on the Coin Show. 

4.  Coin Show flyers showing the new show date were made available to those in attendance 

5.  A few “distancing” regulations will be put in place for the October show.  We will need to adhere to all regulations put forth by the State of Ohio and Stacy’s Place. 


A motion was made by Harry Colvin and seconded by Gary Phelps to adjourn.  Motion passed. 

The June door prizes were won by Cody Roth, Harry Colvin, Gary Phelps, Dave Knepper and Scott Hopkins. 

Joe Dohanos conducted a 21 lot auction. 




Fostoria Coin Club Prelisted Auction.   Monday, July 20, 2020 

Lot                      Date                                            Item                                         Grade                                                Min Bid 

1                     1957P&D                          Washington Qtrs (2)                            VF, EF                                                   $8.25 

2                     1943P&D                          Washington Qtrs (2)                            F(Ave)                                                    6,75 

3                     1943P                          Wheat Penny - Copper (plated)               MS-60                                                     1.50 

4                     1943P&D                    Wheat Pennies (2) - Gem Coated            MS-60                                                     2.00 

5             1939P&D, 1947P&D                 Wheat Pennies (4)                            EF(1),  MS-60(3)                                       2.00 

6                     1979P&D                           SBA Dollars (2)                                   MS-63                                                     4.75 

7                 1907 & 1912                           'V' Nickels (2)                                     VG, G                                                      3.75 

8               1965,66, & 67                 Kennedy halves (3),  40% Silver                 Circ                                                        7,50 

9       20 Rolls of Wheat Pennies, all  coins dated before 1940                   Various Grades                           $2.50 per roll 

10     2005D American Bison       20 Rolls of Jeff. Nickels (25 coins per roll),  Unc                                         2.00 per roll 

11         John Hancock Coin             Copper Silver Plated                              Proof w/COA                                           5.00 

12         John Adams coin                 Copper Silver Plated                             Proof w/COA                                           5.00 

13         Ben Franklin Coin                Copper Silver Plated                             Proof w/COA                                            5.00 

14     Civil War Fort Sumpter Coin           .999 Silver                                       Proof w/COA                                         25.00 

15         Victory over Japan Coin              .999 Silver                                      Proof w/COA                                          25.00 

16         Various Dates                  20 Rolls of 'S' Wheat Pennies                 Various Grades                            2.50 per roll 

17         1929        $20 National Currency w/Brown Seal - low serial number - Tiffin, Ohio                                       150.00 

18         1856        $3 Note            Seneca County                                             'Tattered'                                               35.00 

19                    1982                                  Jefferson Nickel                                 MS-63                                                    2.50 

20             1886-1986                     US Liberty Set, Silver $1,& Clad 1/2            Proof                                                   23.75 

*Grades are mostly the opinion of the seller, be sure to look over the Lots before the Auction. 

**Submit coins (using the above format) to Auctioneer Joe Dohanos for inclusion in future Auctions.