November 16, 2020


The November meeting of the Fostoria Coin Club was called to order at 7:30pm by President Gary Moran with 17 members present.  President Moran led the membership with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Treasurer Vincent Gaietto read the minutes of the October meeting and they stood approved.  Treasurer  Gaietto then read the Treasurer’s report and it was also approved by the membership. Next meeting will be at Trinity Chapel, Monday 12/21 at 7:30. Please bring a dish for the annual Christmas Party!!


Old Business

1.           Treasurer Gaietto reported that there was some confusion concerning our club’s bond and it has   since been cleared up.


Sick Report

There was no report.


New Business

1.           Paul Sherman was accepted as our club’s newest member after his second reading.

2.           A motion was made by Cody Roth and seconded by Gary Moran to buy 15 - 2021 Red Books from Phil Cole at a cost of $10.00 each.  This will be the members price if they wish to purchase               one.

3.           Nominations for club officers were held and resulted in the following: President - Gary Moran, Vice President - Chuck Brandenberry, Secretary - Kristy Gwiner, Treasurer - Vincent Gaietto                                  and   Sergeant-at-Arms - Bruce Haney.  A second and final nomination will be held at our December meeting.

4.           It was agreed to have our annual Christmas Party at the December 21st meeting. Members were asked to brinn a dish to share.

5.           A lengthy discussion was held as to rather or not we should have a March coin show due to the ongoing issues with the coronavirus.  A decision will have to be made at our December meeting.

6.           Coin show chairman Vincent Gaietto announced that he will not be chairing the 2021 show. Volunteers were asked to fill that position and no one came forth.  This position will need to filled at                     our December meeting.  It is getting increasingly difficult to get members to volunteer for the offices and positions needed to keep our coin club running.

7.           Phil Cole announced that he will have a coin auction on Tuesday November 17th.

8.           Since the position of coin club auctioneer has not been filled, members were asked to bring iems to our monthly meetings and offer them for sale or auction.


Coin Show Business

1.           Show chairman Gaietto gave a complete final report on our October 25, 2020 coin show.  Considering that there were a few dealers that canceled out and restrictions put on us by the State of Ohio due to the coronavirus outbreak, overall the show was deemed a success netting $689.80 after all expenses were paid.  Chairman Gaietto Thanked all of the members that volunteered to  help out at the show from set up to tear down.


A motion was made by Chuck Brandeberry and seconded by Phil Cole to adjourn.  Motion passed.


The November door prizes were won by Barb Knepper, Steve Mangett and Lynn Crosby.